In the Flesh

— Created by Dominic Mitchell, airing on BBC Three. Starring Luke Newberry, Emily Bevan, Emmett J Scanlan.

The show, depicts life after “The Rising”. During The Rising, deceased teenager Kieren Walker and thousands of other people who died in 2009 were re-animated as rabid zombies. The re-animated people were hunted down during “The Pale Wars” by armed militias. A medication was found to bring consciousness back to the undead, returning their minds to who they were before dying. The undead that were not killed by the militias were then rounded up and were given medication and rehabilitation by the government in a plan to reintroduce them to society. [x]

wtw’s thoughts: First expecting a comedy à la Warm Bodies, we found ourselves in front of a dramatic, heart-breaking story of a young teenager confronted by his new life. 

In The Flesh uses zombies as a metaphorical form to talks and condemn racism, discrimination, homophobia, in a world where a government is completely helpless to help effectively people suffering from diseases physical and/or mental. 

Mitchell discusses also the power of religion on a brain-washed population, glorification of war soldiers, and hypocrisy from the politics and the powerful.

The story nevertheless keeps its plot and can easily justify its use of zombies, so if you are a zombie fan, don’t be afraid. However, you should not expect a Walking Dead Show.

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 9

Episodes of ~45 minutes

The show is subject to making or not a season 3. Petitions all around Internet are being made. If you are going to watch this show, keep in mind that you may never have a season 3.


— Written by Dennis Kelly, airing on Channel 4 (UK). Starring Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins.

The story follows a small group of people who find themselves in possession of the manuscript sequel of a cult graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments which is rumoured to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century. This leads them to be targeted by an organisation known as “The Network”, which they must avoid to survive. Using the manuscript, they must uncover the meaning hidden in its pages before the disasters depicted become reality. [x]

wtw’s thoughts: Utopia is one of the greatest discovery of 2014, and certainly one of the most promising show airing right now on TV. Dennis Kelly, with the help of amazing actors, mixes mystery, drama, crime and horror in a conspiring scheme that weighs on the world.

What makes this serie so peculiar is that the plot consists of a completely crazy idea… that could actually happen. You will ask yourself all kind of questions — what if they are right ? — when usually you woud never think about it.

If you need more reasons to like the show, you will most certainly like the fact that Dennis Kelly shows us some badass women — and girls — in a world ruled by men — that can’t do the job properly. Not afraid of using violence, ethic and decency is not something you should expect.

Extremely disturbing at some point, Utopia keeps its surrealism in the middle of its nonsense.

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 12

Episodes of ~45min.

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